Sunday, October 14, 2012

Macho Man

I made a deal with myself that I was going to try everything and give 100%.
Things I knew before starting the challenge...

1. I like group fitness classes (especially Zumba!)
2. I like yoga
3. I don't like weights or strength training

Included in the ET's Get Well Challenge is a wide variety of different classes including: CrossFit.

I tried...I really did. I tried 2x as a matter of fact. The first class was mainly geared towards legs. I did a million squats and wall balls and then waddled home pretty proud of my performance at my first class. Fast forward to a week later, I waddled home while trying not to cry or vomit because I had to (edit: was supposed to) stand up 55 times with a 35 pound bag of sand on my shoulders. I'm afraid to go back. Seriously. I felt glued to the floor while trying to wiggle myself up. I may have done it once before my bag of sand was replaced with two 10 pound handweights. Awesome. I don't think I'm cut out for CrossFit, but I'm proud of myself for giving it a shot. I don't know if I'll go back or not in the next 12 weeks. I am still scared. Instead of the class tomorrow, I'm going to a morning yoga class. I feel more like starting the work week with a bit of Zen. I've been attending a circuit class 1x a week and I'm still enjoying that. The instructor can tailor the workout to your current ability while still challenging you.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


During the first week of the challenge, we met with the group to discuss goals and set some for the next three months. I set 3 positive goals to try and achieve.

  1. Successfully change the water in the cooler at work.
    • Picture this. The huge, heavy water had been depleted by yours truly. I tried to muscle up and change it by myself. The only thing I had success with was uncapping the beast. I then proceeded to dump water all over the wall and the chart room. Awesome. I've been banned. I will surprise them all in December.
  2. Attend at least 2 strength training classes a week.
    1. So far I've completed a CrossFit Elements class and a circuit training class at FitRichmond. Ouch. It hurts to giggle, breath, get the picture.
  3. Increase muscle mass/weight.
    • Combination of strength training and diet.
Once a month we meet with Jane Wilson, Ellwood Thompson's in-store dietitian. I met with her yesterday morning after circuit class. She commended me on my current diet and gave me practical ways to make some needed changes. I'm saying hello to flax, more nut butters (yessss!!), oils, etc. Sadly, I'm saying goodbye to so much coffee. I don't have to give it up completely but I need to reign in the 6 cups of coffee I currently have everyday.

I also attended a Halloween inspired Raw Foods Class presented by Aimee DuFresne. Some of the names of her recipes grossed me out (oozing cockroaches, salad with scabs & bile dressing) but once I got past the name, the food was phenomenal. We had dates with almond butter, guacamole, and a spinach smoothie.

A week in, I'm feeling great and excited about taking advantage of everything offered to me for free. I've got the mindset that there were many others who were not chosen so I WILL make the most of everything that has been so graciously given to me.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Week In...

I joined the challenge with the hopes of getting stronger and figuring out what to put in my body that doesn't cause me to get sick. Right now...I am a cardio/yoga only girl who eats the exact same thing everyday because I know it won't cause my stomach to get angry.

Here's a typical week pre Get Fit Challenge.
The eats...
Wake up: Do the coffee shuffle straight to the Keurig.
Get to work: Make oatmeal and eat it with yogurt, 1/2 a banana, and a tbsp of PB. More coffee...
Lunch: Turkey sandwich, apple, string cheese.
Snack: Protein bar...more coffee.
Dinner: Piece of protein (I do vary this!) some veggie
Snack: Oatbran w/ yogurt.
You may think I'm kidding but I am a creature of habit and don't typically vary my day.
The moves...
Walk the dog for 30 minutes in the AM, 1 hour of Zumba 1 day, 1 hour of yoga the next.

I want to experience new things and challenge myself. I would be a fool not to take advantage of all the resources that have so graciously been given to me for the next three months.

So what have I done in the first week?
The eats...
I have still been eating the same thing but yesterday I picked up my order from RelayFoods. I ordered the 1/2 share of the Virginia Bounty because it had a great mix of different veggies (kale, potatoes, onions, etc), apples, and some fresh spices. There were also surprise kale eggs in the bunch. What I am going to do with those....I have not decided. Now I have the resources to create some new recipes and try out different foods. If you haven't checked out RelayFoods you need to. You can grocery shop online and pick it up at a Richmond pickup station near you Monday-Saturday. I work 30 minutes away from home and it's a huge convenience and time saver!
The moves...
1. I went to hot yoga. Yes, I have been practicing yoga for about 3 years...but this was different. The folks at Hot House Yoga were awesome! They showed me around, helped me get all the props I needed, and gave me a great pep talk after the class. I regretted to bring a change of clothes. That was a stinky mistake that will not be made again.
2. I went to CrossFit. Now this one was outside of the box. I was scared. I mean, I was terrified. I have never done strength training. The Elements class broke down the moves and then we did the 10 minute W.O.D. I am in pain today, but it's happy pain because I know I worked hard.

I'm proud of myself and proud of all the other challengers. This is going to be a great 3 months!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Get Well Challenge

I was selected as one of the lucky 30 participants for the Ellwood Thompson's Get Well Challenge. Tonight is the kick off and the program lasts through Christmas Eve. I am beyond thrilled and so thankful for this opportunity.  
I'm starting this blog so that my family and friends can follow my journey for the next 3 months. Wish me luck!!!